Medium Military Transport Helicopter


Easy maintaining

Combat load

4000 kg / 36 pax

Flight range

580 km

Cruise speed

230 km/h


Mi-8/17 military transport helicopters are among the most popular helicopters in their class. These helicopters were built incorporating a full-spectrum analysis of Russian helicopters' operation in combat situations and conflict zones. It is these helicopters’ universality and high flight capabilities that make them among the world's most popular Russian-made helicopters.

The latest Mi-8/17 military transport helicopter family includes the Mi-17V-5 (domestic designation Mi-8MTV-5) made at Kazan Helicopters and the Mi-171Sh (Mi-8AMTSh) made at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant.

Mi-17V-5 (Mi-8MTV-5) and Mi-171Sh (Mi-8AMTSh) helicopters are designed for personnel transportation, and for carrying cargo internally or on the external sling. They can be used in search and rescue operations, and can also be equipped with weapons.

Russian Helicopters is developing a specialised Mi-8AMTSh-VA helicopter for Defence Ministry operations in Arctic conditions. It is being developed based on the latest modification of the Mi-8AMTSh-V military transport helicopter, which boasts new Klimov-made VK-2500-03 turboshaft engines, a more powerful TA-14 auxiliary power unit and an upgraded avionics suite. 



Max. take-off weight

13000 kg

Number of transported troopers

up to 36 pax.

Number of wounded personnel transported on stretchers

12 pax

Payload in cargo cabin

4000 kg

Payload onexternal sling

4000 kg

Operational ceiling

6000 m

Flight range at maximum take-off weight (with main fuel tanks)

580 km

Flight range at maximum take-off weight (two auxiliary fuel tanks)

1065 km

Engines contingency power (TV3-117VM)

2x 2 100 h.p.

Engines contingency power (VK-2500 )

2x 2 700 h.p.


Max. speed

250 km/h

Dimensions of cargo cabin

Length x Width x Height

5,34x2,34x1,8 m

Effective area

12,5 m2

Effective space

23 m3

Primary weapons

Gun armament

23 mm cal.

Unguided missiles


Small weapons

up to 8 fire posts

Nose PKT machine gun

Aft PKT machine gun

side PK and RPK machine guns


Transportation and operational landing

up to 36 troopers

Transportation on stretchers under medical attendance

up to 12 wounded

Transportation of cargo in cabin

up to 4000 kg

High-efficiency destruction of enemy personnel, armored vehicles, surface targets, facilities, fortified fire posts and other moving and fixed targets

Fire support of landing troops

Escorting of military convoys

CSAR (combat search and rescue)



Civil operations (search-and-rescue operations, fire fighting, etc.)

Self-defense suite

Engine-exhaust IR suppressors

Flares dispenser


Armored plates for cockpit protection

Armored plates for protection of vital helicopter systems

Armored plates for protection of aft machine gun operator

Explosion protection of fuel tanks

Fuel tanks filled with foam polyurethane

Additional special equipment

Extended starboard sliding door (in addition to standard portside door)


Rappelling equipment at hovering

up to 4 pax. at once

Parachute equipment


up to 12 pcs

Night vision goggles

Searchlight (including with IR filter)

FLIR system

4,000 kg external sling, 150 kg and 280 kg external hoists, 300 kg door hoist

Loudspeaker station

Emergency ditching system

Oxygen equipment

Auxiliary fuel tanks


Avionics of leading Western and Russian manufacturers

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